New major update now released

A new version of Logmyflight has now just been released. Basically, the back-end code has been re-written from scratch and completely revised to make it more reliable, while the front-end has been slightly enhanced as well to improve the global user experience.

Logmyflight index

The most noticeable changes are the following:

  • Global security improvements and loading times of most of the pages reduced (up to 50% faster)
  • Database optimization in order to cope with an increasing number of flights
  • Improved design, especially on mobile and for larger screens
  • Brand new dashboard
  • New data to be added to your flights (marketing flight number, aircraft nickname)
  • New points system used to rank all the users
  • Two new charts added (arrival time and duration)
  • 12 new awards and achievements
  • Bulk flight editing from the two flights tables
  • Possibility to login using Google and/or Twitter
  • Enhanced Tripit importation process
  • Moving from Google Maps to Mapbox as a result of their new pricing policy
  • New notification system
  • Less ads for everyone
  • No more business class membership
  • Possibility to import a custom CSV file
  • Spanish translation available as well

If you find any translation error/bug, do not hesitate to contact us directly using the contact form of your account and, of course, feel free to let us know any suggestion you might have. We hope you like this update! 🙂