1000 users have joined Logmyflight!

Milestone alert! 1000 different users have now joined our services, since the creation of the website in June 2016! All together, we have logged over 87 000 flights across the globe, reaching 1 896 airports located in around 190 different countries! All the flights logged represent around 200 millions of kilometers traveled and, for the moment at least, Frankfurt am Main International Airport can be awarded as the most visited airport by our community (visited more than 5 000 times already!).

Logmyflight map

Keep in touch with us, to get as soon as possible a release date for the next version of Logmyflight which will introduce several improvements and new features, and which should be made available for everyone in a few weeks/months.

To celebrate this new milestone, you can use the discount code 1000LIFETIME to get 30% off the lifetime first class membership, or the code 1000MONTHLY to get 50% off your first two months of first class membership.

Thank you to all of you, and let’s now keep going this way to reach the next milestone soon!