Logmyflight v3.0 coming soon!

Logmyflight has now been online for almost a year and a half and to celebrate this new milestone, a brand new version of the website is expected to be released soon. The coding of this major update is almost completely over and, if everything goes according to our plans, we plan to release this new version to everyone when most of the annoying bugs have been chased and corrected (hopefully, around the beginning of December).

A new landing page has been built for this occasion, while the design has been revised and will feature a less-agressive dominant blue color. The weight of all the pages has moreover been reduced and the code has been completely revised from the ground up, resulting in better loading times and security throughout the website. It will also offer some additional features to all the users, such as :

  • A new upgrade system and reduced prices for all the upgraded memberships.
  • The possibility to keep track of the age of the aircrafts taken, along with the sequence numbers of your flights.
  • When adding a flight, a new button will allow you to prefill some of the fields corresponding to the return-leg of your flight.
  • A new button has been added, to animate your flights on several different vector maps.
  • Four new achievements will be available for you to unlock.
  • Improved password protection, on both the settings and data pages.
  • The public reviews will now be linked to a single flight (meaning that when you modify your flight, you can modify the public review you left as well).

Add a flight screenshot

More news about this update are coming soon, so stay in touch!