250 users have joined Logmyflight!

Milestone alert! 250 different users have now joined our services, since the creation of the website last year. All together, these users have logged over 25.000 flights across the globe, reaching 170 countries and totaling more than 56 millions kilometers (equivalent to the mean distance to the planet Mars, give or take). All these flights logged correspond to 80.000 hours flying in a plane, which is equivalent to a total of around 9 years. Nice job!

Airports visited by Logmyflight users

Airports visited by Logmyflight users

Thank you to all of you, and let’s now keep going this way to reach the next milestone soon!

Jet It Up import functionality

As explained previously, most of the major flight loggers available on the internet offer you an option to export your flights in a CSV format. This is the perfect way to get to know Logmyflight, since you can import all this data to your personal account in under two minutes, by visiting the settings page.

Jet It Up importation available

This feature was already available since last year for the CSV files from FlightDiary and OpenFlights, but has now been upgraded to also have support for the CSV files coming from Jet It Up. We will add support for importing data from other sources in the future, so, stay in touch!

Moving on to HTTPS

A SSL certificate has just been installed on our server, provided by a trusted company called GlobalSign. This means that you can now access our website at https://www.logmyflight.net, so, don’t forget to change the URL if you have bookmarked us.

GlobalSign SSL security seal

This is a really important addition since it increases the security of all the exchanges of data throughout the website. Your data will now be a lot safer, thanks to the new HTTPS protocol!