Logmyflight 2.0 coming soon!

We have now been online for more than four months, and it’s time to think about the first major update of the website. The version 2.0 is currently under implementation, and¬†we plan to release a first beta by the end of the year.

This new version will feature a brand-new design and some optimizations in order to improve the user experience. It will also offer some additional features to the users, such as :

  • When adding a flight, you will be able to leave a review (about the airports, airline and/or aircraft used), for every user of our community to see.
  • Some filters will be available to you to filter the data which appears on all your different charts. For example, it will be possible to select only the flights leaving from Brussels in 2016.
  • You will also earn achievements by flying. This will be another great addition to the awards that you can already get.
  • It will also be possible to get an upgraded account in order to unlock some¬†additional features, such as a new Google heatmap, the delay analysis of the flights, and the possibility to add pictures when logging your flights.

Some more features have also been planned, such as the introduction of new charts and flight reasons, and the possibility to leave more data when logging a flight (you will, for example, get the possibility to keep the terminal or the bag claim number). More news is coming soon, so stay in touch!