OpenFlights importation

As explained in the previous post, most of the major flight loggers available on the internet offer you an option to export your flights in a CSV format. This is the perfect way to get to know Logmyflight, since you can import all this data to your personal account in under two minutes, by visiting the settings page.


This feature was already available for the CSV files from FlightDiary, but has now been upgraded to also have support for the CSV files from OpenFlights. We will add support for importing data from other sources in the future, so, stay in touch!

Public launch of Logmyflight!

After almost four months of hard work, we have released the first version of Logmyflight today. We are the newest personal flight logger available, allowing you to keep track of all your flights, to analyze your travel history and receive fun facts, personalized and interactive statistics, as well as charts and maps.

Logmyflight v1 dashboard

Once your account has been created and verified, you will discover on your account different pages that you can explore.

  • Dashboard. Your dashboard is the main page of your account. You can discover all the best elements of the flight data that you logged, such as fun facts about your travels, a map of all your flights, and the chart of the month.
  • Add a flight. Three forms to log your flights are available, depending on the kind of data you would like to enter for each flight (minimal, regular and complete forms). Adding data has never been so much fun!
  • Community. Discover the awards you’ve earned so far by traveling, and get to know your personal ranking. Start challenging your friends as well as our community, and try to get to the top!
  • Maps. We have fully integrated Google and vector maps to show you where you’ve already been, and to help you start planning where to go next for your next trip.
  • Statistics. This page consists of a set of responsive and interactive charts displaying your best statistics in a catchy way, for you to spot the most important elements of your account.
  • Settings. In this page, you can manage all the main parameters of your account. This is also the place where you can import and export the flights you might have entered on another flight logger website. More details about this feature soon!

Logmyflight is completely responsive

Logmyflight is completely free to use, and accessible from all kind of devices, so that you can log your flights at home or on the go. To start using this flight logger, all you have to do is register with us and start traveling. Once the first step done, your travels are far from over : come back again and log your flights on your account. That’s it! See you soon on your account.