Logmyflight v3.0 coming soon!

Logmyflight has now been online for almost a year and a half and to celebrate this new milestone, a brand new version of the website is expected to be released soon. The coding of this major update is almost completely over and, if everything goes according to our plans, we plan to release this new version to everyone when most of the annoying bugs have been chased and corrected (hopefully, around the beginning of December).

A new landing page has been built for this occasion, while the design has been revised and will feature a less-agressive dominant blue color. The weight of all the pages has moreover been reduced and the code has been completely revised from the ground up, resulting in better loading times and security throughout the website. It will also offer some additional features to all the users, such as :

  • A new upgrade system and reduced prices for all the upgraded memberships.
  • The possibility to keep track of the age of the aircrafts taken, along with the sequence numbers of your flights.
  • When adding a flight, a new button will allow you to prefill some of the fields corresponding to the return-leg of your flight.
  • A new button has been added, to animate your flights on several different vector maps.
  • Four new achievements will be available for you to unlock.
  • Improved password protection, on both the settings and data pages.
  • The public reviews will now be linked to a single flight (meaning that when you modify your flight, you can modify the public review you left as well).

Add a flight screenshot

More news about this update are coming soon, so stay in touch!

500 users have joined Logmyflight!

Milestone alert! 500 different users have now joined our services, since the creation of the website in June last year. All together, we have logged over 47.000 flights across the globe, reaching 1384 airports in 188 different countries! All the flights logged represent around 110 millions of kilometers traveled and, for the moment at least, London Heathrow can still be awarded as the most visited airport by our community.

Keep in touch with us, to get as soon as possible a release date for the version 3 of Logmyflight which will introduce several improvements and new features, and which should be made available for everyone around the end of November.

Thank you to all of you, and let’s now keep going this way to reach the next milestone soon!

Logmyflight is turning one!

Logmyflight is already turning one today! Exactly one year ago, on the first on June 2016, the first version of the website was released to the public. In the mean time, 370 users have joined the website and logged over 38.000 flights, flying all over the world and reaching 1297 different airports in 187 countries.

Thank you to all of you for making all of this possible, and let’s now start traveling even more for next year! By the way, a big piece of news will be announced soon, in the current of June or early July, so stay in touch!

250 users have joined Logmyflight!

Milestone alert! 250 different users have now joined our services, since the creation of the website last year. All together, these users have logged over 25.000 flights across the globe, reaching 170 countries and totaling more than 56 millions kilometers (equivalent to the mean distance to the planet Mars, give or take). All these flights logged correspond to 80.000 hours flying in a plane, which is equivalent to a total of around 9 years. Nice job!

Airports visited by Logmyflight users

Airports visited by Logmyflight users

Thank you to all of you, and let’s now keep going this way to reach the next milestone soon!

Jet It Up import functionality

As explained previously, most of the major flight loggers available on the internet offer you an option to export your flights in a CSV format. This is the perfect way to get to know Logmyflight, since you can import all this data to your personal account in under two minutes, by visiting the settings page.

Jet It Up importation available

This feature was already available since last year for the CSV files from FlightDiary and OpenFlights, but has now been upgraded to also have support for the CSV files coming from Jet It Up. We will add support for importing data from other sources in the future, so, stay in touch!

Moving on to HTTPS

A SSL certificate has just been installed on our server, provided by a trusted company called GlobalSign. This means that you can now access our website at https://www.logmyflight.net, so, don’t forget to change the URL if you have bookmarked us.

GlobalSign SSL security seal

This is a really important addition since it increases the security of all the exchanges of data throughout the website. Your data will now be a lot safer, thanks to the new HTTPS protocol!

Version 2 has arrived!

Finally, the version 2 of Logmyflight has arrived! Here is a quick summary of the main features introduced with this new version :

  • The website is featuring a brand new and more profesional design.
  • The number of pages “refreshes” required to perform some actions has been greatly reduced, which results in a significant gain in time.
  • You can now upgrade your account to get access to more features, such as the delay analysis, the new google heatmap, the possibility to retrieve informations of any flight directly from the flight number, and the ability to add pictures to your flights.
  • Facebook registration and login is now available, and the activation of each account with a valid email address is not required any more.
  • It is possible to use two new flight reasons (military, and simulator flights), and to add new kind of informations when logging a flight (such as the terminals, gates and bag claim numbers).
  • When adding a flight, you can now also leave a review (about the airports, airline and/or aircraft used), for every user of our community to see.
  • It is now possible to filter the data which appears on all your different charts (for example, you can decide to select only the flights leaving from Brussels in 2016).
  • A new chart has been introduced, representing your favorite flight routes.
  • In the data section, six new “Top 10” tables have been added. The flights have also been separated into two different tables : one for your previous and one for your future flights.
  • 4 brand new awards are available, and 16 achievements have been created. Start earning them all by flying!
  • Forms have been created to simplify the process of asking for a new airport, airline or aircraft.
  • Some sample data can now be imported when creating a new account, in order to discover all the features offered by us without having to add your own flights.
  • A personal summary banner is available on your account, to be used in websites or forums.
  • A guided tour button is available on most of the pages to help understand the possibilities offered by the page you’re currently viewing.
  • You can finally book your next flight directly from your account.

Logmyflight version 2

Some additional features still need to be built and should come in the next few weeks as well, such as :

  • The possibility to import flights coming from Jet It Up and TripIt.
  • If you don’t remember the exact travel date, it will also be possible to add a flight without travel date, or with some parts of the date (just the year, for example).
  • A SSL certificate will be set up as soon as possible, to move from the HTTP to the HTTPS protocol. This will greatly increase the security throughout the website.

Of course, as always, any suggestions, comments or bug reports are more than welcome. To do so, you can just comment on this post or use the appropriate contact form under the contact section of your account. Thank you for the support!

First beta of version 2

As previously explained, the version 2.0 of Logmyflight is expected to be released early next year. In the meantime, you can already explore and try the first beta of our new and improved system.

Logmyflight v2dashboard

Keep in mind that the databases of this new version will be wiped out regularly. Do not add any sensitive information in the beta version and export your flights often, to avoid any loss of data.

Logmyflight 2.0 coming soon!

We have now been online for more than four months, and it’s time to think about the first major update of the website. The version 2.0 is currently under implementation, and we plan to release a first beta by the end of the year.

This new version will feature a brand-new design and some optimizations in order to improve the user experience. It will also offer some additional features to the users, such as :

  • When adding a flight, you will be able to leave a review (about the airports, airline and/or aircraft used), for every user of our community to see.
  • Some filters will be available to you to filter the data which appears on all your different charts. For example, it will be possible to select only the flights leaving from Brussels in 2016.
  • You will also earn achievements by flying. This will be another great addition to the awards that you can already get.
  • It will also be possible to get an upgraded account in order to unlock some additional features, such as a new Google heatmap, the delay analysis of the flights, and the possibility to add pictures when logging your flights.

Some more features have also been planned, such as the introduction of new charts and flight reasons, and the possibility to leave more data when logging a flight (you will, for example, get the possibility to keep the terminal or the bag claim number). More news is coming soon, so stay in touch!

First 100 users

Milestone alert! One hundred different users have now created an account on Logmyflight, in a time period of a bit more than three months. These users have all together logged more than 12.000 flights, totaling more than 20 million kilometers and reaching 150 different countries around the globe.

Airports visited by Logmyflight users

Airports visited by Logmyflight users

Thank you all! Let’s now keep going this way and reach the next milestone soon!