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Every time you fly, add your travel itinerary to Logmyflight.


Your flights will then be available in interactive and fun displays.


Discover, play and have fun with 20+ charts representing all of your travel history.


Discover the places you've already been to and start planning your next trip with integrated maps.


Earn awards and unlock achievements to climb the rankings and try to beat your friends.


Share your complete profile with your friends and easily discover other users' profile.

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Travel by plane
- STEP 1 -

Whether you are an occasional or a frequent traveler, the first step is to get on a flight and to start traveling.
Let's discover new places!

Log your flights
- STEP 2 -

Once back home, your travels are fortunately far from over. Now is the time to add in the website the data about your flights.

Enjoy the statistics
- STEP 3 -

That's it! You can now enjoy detailed and personal statistics that help you remember your journey.
Where do you plan on going next?

Ever wondered...

If you have traveled enough
to reach the Moon?

Special features
offered by Logmyflight

Unique statistics

We offer you unique fun facts, maps, statistics and charts, such as delay analysis, flights distributions and your favorite travel companions.

Huge databases

To log a flight, make your pick from more than 200 aircraft models, 6000 airlines and 7500 airports across the world. Our databases are updated regularly.

Maps integration

Different kind of maps (Google, vector maps) are fully integrated to point out where you’ve already been and to help you plan your next trip.

Amazing community

Whenever you add a flight, leave a review for the whole community to see. Start planning your next trip based on other users' recommendations!

Mobile friendly

Check your stats and log your flights on mobile, tablet or any other kind of device. Access our services from anywhere, even when you are away from home.

Units switch

Switch between the imperial (miles, pounds) and metric (kilometers, kilos) unit systems easily, and experience your account the way you like it.

Data importation

Import data from other flight loggers such as Flightdiary, OpenFlights, Jet It Up and Skyhops in a few seconds or import a sample of flights to start immediately.

Account upgrades

Logmyflight is completely free to use, but two upgrades are available to unlock more features and remove advertisements of your account.

Main numbers
of the community

529 Active
50473 Flights
190 Countries
1452 Airports
115,178,719 Kilometers
157,216 Flight

Main charts
from our users

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All the paid plans come with a 7 days risk-free evaluation period.

Business class

Perfect for frequent travelers.

Add extra features to your account for the price of a cup of coffee.

a month

Advantages of upgrading your account to a business class membership.

  • Less ads throughout your account
  • Get access to fun fact number 8
  • Unlock the Google heatmap
  • Analyze the delays of your flights
  • Unlock new awards and achievements
  • Export and share flights with friends who traveled with you

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Economy class

Perfect for occasional travelers.

Enjoy all our main features for free, forever.


Advantages of joining Logmyflight with a free account.

  • Get access to all the pages and discover on your account all our main features
  • Never pay anything
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First class

Perfect for frequent travelers.

Remove advertisements and unlock all our features.

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Advantages of upgrading your account to a first class membership.

  • Same advantages as the business class
  • No ads throughout your account
  • Data edition directly from the flights table
  • Retrieve data about your flights from the flight number
  • Add pictures to your flights
  • 10% discount on any poster order
  • Priority for support services

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