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First of all, get on any flight, and start traveling by plane around the globe.

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After that, once back home, add in the website the data about your flight(s).

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Then, remember your journey with your personal fun facts, maps and charts.

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Finally, climb to the top of the rankings by earning stars and achievements!

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Special features
offered by Logmyflight

Unique statistics

We offer you personalized fun facts, maps, statistics and unique charts, such as delay analysis, flights distributions and your favorite travel companions.

Huge databases

To log a flight, make your pick from more than 200 aircraft models, 6000 airlines and 7500 airports across the world. Our databases are updated regularly.

Maps integration

Different kind of interactive maps (Google maps, vector maps) are fully integrated to point out where you’ve already been and to help you plan your next trip.

Amazing community

Whenever you add a flight, leave a review for the whole community to see. Start planning your next trip based on other users' recommendations!

Mobile friendly

Check your stats and log your flights on mobile, tablet or any other kind of device. Access our services from anywhere, even when you are away from home.

Data importation

Import data from other flight loggers such as Tripit, Flightdiary, OpenFlights, Jet It Up and Skyhops in a few seconds or use a sample of flights to get started in seconds.

Main numbers
of the community

636 Active
59,418 Flights
196 Countries
1571 Airports
136,193 Thousand
187,515 Flight

Main charts
from our users

Reasons for flying

Travel companions

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Log My Flight: the newest and best flight logger site on the web

Do you log your flights? I do and I like the statistics such sites give you. Especially how much time you “wasted” in the air. I am using at the moment three websites to log my flights, including logmyflight.net which is the newest addition and got released not too long ago. Other sides seem to be outdated and development is kinda on a halt.

Besides the community competition, there are achievements for differents actions. Like how many miles you have been flown or how many different aircraft types you used. Logmyflight.net gives you everything you need to get you going. Get familiar with the site and note all the information you can’t find on your boarding pass, like arrival gate or take-off and landing runway.

Gate to Adventures
Link here

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