Welcome onboard

Welcome onboard

Ever wondered how many time of your life you spent in a plane?

If you traveled enough to reach the Moon?

What is your favorite seat in a plane?

How many time you've already lost due to the usual delays at the airport?

When and where was your longest flight?

Answering to these questions and many others has never been this easy.

Logmyflight version 2 is coming soon! The first major update of Logmyflight should be released somewhere in January.

Here are some of the improvements and new features that have been implemented :
  • Brand new design.
  • Major rapidity improvement by developing the use Javascript.
  • Possibility to leave a review when adding a flight.
  • Option to filter the data that appears on your personal charts.
  • When reaching some milestones, achievements will be awarded.
  • Possibility to upgrade your account to unlock more features (delay analysis, Google heatmap, automatically retrieve infos about your flights, add pictures when logging flights).
  • ... And much more!
Stay tuned and check Logmyflight's Facebook page to get the lastest updates.

What is logmyflight?

What is logmyflight?

This website is a brand new flight logger, which allows you to keep track of all the times you take the plane and which shows you fun and useful statistics about your travel history.

Every time you take the plane, log in here the informations related to your flight.

Then, you will be able to have a trace of all your previous flights, enjoying moreover detailed and personal statistics about all the data you entered.

With logmyflight, you will also be able to see maps of the places you've already been to, and amazing ways to challenge the world and your friends.

How to get started?

You can get started with logmyflight in only 4 easy steps.

  1. First, and it's probably the most interesting and motivating part of the journey, you have to take the plane and to travel.

  2. Then, sign up on logmyflight and log in to your new account.

  3. Once on your account, you have to add some flights to the database, filling up the requiered informations.

  4. That's it! You can now enjoy detailed and personal statistics.

Travel again and come back every time to update your account!

Main features


Amazing, responsive and interactive charts designed to display your best statistics in a catchy way, for you to spot directly the most important informations.


Google maps and vector maps are fully integrated to show you where you've already been, and to help you start planning where to go next for your next trip.


To log a flight, make your pick between more than 200 aircraft models, 6000 airlines and 7500 airports accross the world, in databases continually updated.


At home or on the go, you can access logmyflight wherever you want. Challenge your friends, check your stats and log some flights directly from the plane, on your mobile!


Import CSV files directly from Flightdiary (and many more flight loggers to come!) to start using logmyflight even faster! You can also export all of your flights in a few clicks whenever you like.


Logmyflight is and will stay completely free to use and to enjoy, because we are aware that's probably the most important feature for each and every user.

Airports visited
by logmyflight's users

Why logmyflight?

Because of the
summary dashboard

Your dashboard gathers all the most important informations of your account is a single page.

Discover a map of all the places you've already visited, the statistic of the month, the summary of the achievements you've earned so far and fun facts about your travel history to share with your friends.

This is the place for you to check all the main statistics of your account in the blink of an eye.

Because of the
amazing community

Challenge yourself, your friends and the world in the community section.

Are displayed for you in this page all the achievements you've earned while traveling, a leaderboard of all logmyflight's users and your ranking for each achievement. Start to climb to the top today!

The community page is the place to be for anyone who has a strong competitive spirit.

Because of the
form to add a flight

Adding your own data to the database has never been this easy and fun.

Three different forms are available for you to choose, from the minimal version with only a few required informations for the most impatient, to the complete version for the most meticulous of the users.

When adding a flight, the choice of form to use is completely up to you!

Because of the
responsive datatable

Usually, there's nothing more boring than a datatable. But not on logmyflight.

Click on any row to show more informations about your flight that don't fit in your screen otherwise, and display only the data columns you are the most interested in. Finding the informations you're looking for has never been easier!

Your flights are displayed to you in a unique and original datatable that you will love.

Because of the
detailed statistics

Forget about data lists, have all the informations you need nicely displayed for you.

Get all the informations you need about your travel history in the blink of an eye with logmyflight's interactive charts. Different kind of charts have been developed to help you vizualize and understand your data.

Interacting with your data is the ultimate way to vizualize and assimilate it.

Because of the
interactive maps

Taking the plane is all about traveling around the world and discovering new places.

That's why amazing maps are a must when it comes to travel statistics. All your flights will be displayed in both google and vector maps, to take full advantage of all the features they both offer.

Check in the maps where you've already been and start planning your next trip!

Unique features


Fly accross the world, log your flights, compare your stats with the world, and get amazing achievements. Will you manage to get a higher ranking than your friends?


Switch between american (miles, 12-hour format) and metric (kilometers, 24-hour format) units with a single switch, to display all the informations in your favorite way.

some flights

With logmyflight, you can export some flights of your account to share them with your friends. An easier way to log some flights when traveling with friends or family.